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A new home in Utrecht is exciting; now the journey there awaits. With 15 years of experience , moving becomes enjoyable with moving company De Meubeltaxi. We do this with our Sjouwfeurs®. Friendly guys who steer your move in the right direction.

Our moving specialist ensures a solid plan of action so that our accredited movers can provide an optimal moving service. With a customer rating of 9.3 , De Meubeltaxi is among the top moving companies in Utrecht.

The costs of a moving company in Utrecht

Every move in Utrecht has its own specifics and requires a customized approach. When you request a quote from De Meubeltaxi as a moving company in Utrecht, we provide you with a detailed overview of the costs so you know exactly what your move will cost. Curious about what our different types of moving services entail?

Budget move - Our two movers will transport your essential furniture within 3 hours, ideal for a quick and efficient move within Utrecht.

Medium move - For a more comprehensive approach, four movers are ready to complete a full move from one ground floor location to another within 5 hours.

Premium move - A team of six movers is available for the entire day to guide your move from start to finish, including furniture assembly, for that ultimate carefree moving day.

Which move suits you?

Budget Verhuizen

Budget move

A solution for every budget.

Are you looking for a moving company in Utrecht that can help you find ways to save on your move? Then we, as a moving service in Utrecht, may be the solution! Read more about Budget move..

Piano verhuizen Piano Wegrijden

Medium move

Together we can do so much!

We as a moving company in Utrecht can assist you with your move. You handle what you can, such as packing, and leave the heavy lifting and tricky moving tasks to De Meubeltaxi. Read more about Medium move..

bed verhuizen rotterdam

Premium move

Save time for other things.

If you value your time highly and are looking for a moving company in Utrecht for complete peace of mind, our full-service moving option allows you to retain control over what you still want to handle yourself. Read more about Premium move..

Bedrijfsverhuizing Rotterdam

Corporate relocation

Quickly back in business.

For your business relocation in Utrecht, you're looking for a moving company that collaborates with you and ensures proper organization, whether it's for a few workstations or a hundred. Read more about Corporate relocation..

Benefits of De Meubeltaxi

Utrecht, known for its vibrant student life, requires a moving company that understands the budgetary constraints and flexible needs of students. We offer affordable, customized services that are perfect for students' moving adventures.

Moving with De Meubeltaxi in Utrecht becomes an adventure. Our Sjouwfeurs bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude that is contagious. Even during the most stressful moments, our friendly interactions and surprises along the way bring smiles and create a memorable, enjoyable experience.

As no other, we know the streets, neighborhoods, and challenges of moving in Utrecht. This local expertise enables us to navigate quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing stress.

Professional and accredited moving company in Utrecht

In the stressful period of moving, De Meubeltaxi stands ready as a professional and accredited moving company in Utrecht to take all your worries off your hands. With years of experience and a quality certification, we offer more than just furniture transportation; it ensures a carefree moving experience through our moving service in Utrecht.

Experience - With our 15 years of experience in the moving industry, we've seen and successfully handled every situation. We leverage this expertise to make your move as smooth as possible.

Quality assurance - Our certification is not just a label; it's a promise of quality that we uphold in every job. Every aspect of your move is handled with utmost care and attention to detail.

More than relocation - We provide a complete moving service, managing all aspects of the process. This goes beyond just carrying boxes; we provide peace of mind and a positive experience during this important transition in your life.

With pride, we carry the NIWO certificate and are insured by TVM Verzekeringen. Symbols of our dedication to quality, reliability, and your peace of mind, ensuring you a professional and worry-free moving service.

What our customers say

An excellent organization. Punctual, very friendly, humble, and extremely skilled (read: careful) team of movers.

Artur Palha


I am a previous user. Very professional, and pleasant people. Very well equipped and efficient.

Omar Munoz


Clear communication, putting you at ease, delivering on their promises, and efficient.

The moving service in Utrecht

Moving with joy! De Meubeltaxi makes moving in Utrecht fun and easy.

Een zorgeloze verhuiservaring? Dat kan met De Meubeltaxi als verhuisbedrijf in Utrecht! Onze professionele en klantvriendelijke benadering zorgt voor een vlekkeloze en plezierige verhuisdag.

Senior relocation: De Meubeltaxi offers a special moving service for seniors in Amsterdam, focusing on comfort and convenience. Our empathetic moving specialists adopt a respectful approach, allowing you to move effortlessly and with peace of mind to your new home.

Emergency moves - Sudden moving plans? No problem! De Meubeltaxi is your reliable partner for all emergency relocations in and around Utrecht. We, as a moving service in Utrecht, are ready to act quickly and precisely, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Moving assistance - Could you use some extra help on moving day? Our Sjouwfeurs from our moving service in Utrecht are here for you. From carrying heavy boxes to carefully packing your belongings, we make your moving day much easier.

House clearances - Facing a house clearance? Leave this daunting task to De Meubeltaxi as your moving service in Utrecht. We approach it thoroughly and respectfully, paying full attention to your individual wishes.

Receive from us a detailed custom quote

Why move in Utrecht with De Meubeltaxi moving company?

  • Sjouwfeurs® - A Sjouwfeur® enjoys his work because he can work with good materials, moves are well-prepared, has nice clients, and above all because he gets to work with the very best colleagues!
  • 6.500+ recensies - It took us a while and we also put in a lot of effort. We believe in providing good moving service; a bit of value for your money. And that results in a 9.3 rating for our moving company in Utrecht.
  • Insurance – Uw - Your household belongings are well insured against accidents. A cabinet falling off the loading ramp, a TV slipping from a mover's hands, or an accident on the way. Our insurance provides coverage up to €100,000.

Our Sjouwfeurs® make it happen!

Want to be moved by these uncommon movers?

FAQ for moving to or within Utrecht with Meubeltaxi

Can De Meubeltaxi help with planning my move to Utrecht?

Absolutely, we have an experienced team that can assist you in planning your move to Utrecht. Contact us as a moving company in Utrecht to discuss the details and request a quote tailored to your needs.

Can I order extra packing materials and moving boxes through De Meubeltaxi for my move to Utrecht?

Yes, we offer packing materials and moving boxes as additional services. If you need extra supplies to safely pack your belongings, we can arrange that for you.

Does De Meubeltaxi offer moving services for moves to Utrecht?

Yes, absolutely! De Meubeltaxi offers comprehensive moving services for anyone relocating to Utrecht. Whether you're moving from another city or within Utrecht itself, we're here to assist you with a smooth transition to this beautiful city.

Where is De Meubeltaxi moving?

De Meubeltaxi verhuisdiensten zijn beschikbaar in Utrecht en de rest van de Randstad. We bedienen ook andere steden in Utrecht, zoals Amersfoort, Zeist, Nieuwegein en Woerden. Als u de provincie verlaat, helpen we u graag verhuizen naar andere provincies zoals Limburg of Drenthe. Bovendien bieden we internationale verhuizingen aan naar landen zoals België, Duitsland of Frankrijk.


since 2008

Wat started as a student company has grown into the highest-rated moving company in the Netherlands.

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Our movers are fully equipped with all the necessary moving materials to professionally execute your move. Wanting to assist the customer well has always been our starting point! When we started keeping track of customer reviews in 2013, we were proud of the 9.3 rating we received. Maintaining this average to this day confirms that we have firmly embedded craftsmanship and core values in the moving company. When you move, you can always rely on De Meubeltaxi! 9,3 rating we received. The fact that we still maintain this average confirms that we have firmly anchored craftsmanship and core values in our moving company. When you're moving, you can always rely on De Meubeltaxi!