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People choose De Meubeltaxi as the number one moving company in Dordrecht. Moving in Dordt starts well with Sjouwfeurs®: guys who enjoy their work, and that shows in the smiles you see on their faces as they go about their business.

With 15 years of experience and a rating of 9.3 , De Meubeltaxi guarantees a stress-free move in Dordrecht. Our accredited movers and professional approach turn moving into a pleasant experience.

demeubeltaxi als verhuisbedrijf dordrecht

The cost of a moving company in Dordrecht

Every moving task has its own unique aspects and challenges. When you request a quote from us as a moving company in Dordrecht, we provide you with detailed information about the expected costs, giving you a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your move. Curious about our different moving services in Dordrecht:

  • Budget move - Our team of two movers ensures an efficient transfer of your essential belongings, focusing on a quick yet careful move within a timeframe of 3 hours.
  • Medium move - This service, performed by four skilled movers, includes a complete move of ground-floor homes and is designed to be completed in about 5 hours.
  • Premium Verhuizing - For a seamless, all-inclusive moving experience, six of our professional movers are at your service all day long. This premium option includes extensive services, including furniture assembly, to make your moving day as effortless as possible.

Which move suits you?

budget verhuizing Dordrecht

Budget move

A solution for every budget.

Cheap moving in Dordrecht is entirely up to you. Where you can't manage alone, you can turn to us as a moving company in Dordrecht, for example, for moving furniture and appliances. Read more about Budget move..

Medium verhuizing Dordrecht

Medium move

Together we can do so much!

Affordable moving in Dordrecht is possible with a little help and smart organization. Our moving specialist will discuss what you can do yourself and what we can do for you. Read more about Medium move..

premium verhuizing Dordrecht

Premium move

Save time for other things.

Let yourself be relieved and entrust the complete organization and execution of your move to De Meubeltaxi as a moving company in Dordrecht. Full moving service in Dordrecht. Read more about Premium move..

bedrijfsverhuizing Dordrecht

Corporate relocation

Quickly back in business.

Desks, chairs, cabinets, computers, boxes, and plants. That encompasses the average office relocation. For your large corporate move in Dordrecht, you're in good hands with our experienced movers. Lees meer over bedrijfsverhuizing!

Benefits of De Meubeltaxi

We offer an all-inclusive service, from packing and heavy lifting to assembly and placement. This not only saves you time and effort but also relieves the stress of dealing with multiple parties.

With customizable moving packages , De Meubeltaxi can provide services that fit any budget and need, whether it's a full house move, a business relocation, or just transportation of heavy items.

Our moving company has extensive knowledge of the region, ensuring efficient navigation through the city, logistic optimization, and swift solutions for any unique obstacles specific to the local environment.

Professional and accredited moving company in Dordrecht

At De Meubeltaxi Dordrecht, we are known as more than just movers; we position ourselves as your trusted partners throughout the entire moving adventure. Our reputation is built on a foundation of unwavering quality and a consistent ability to exceed expectations, time and time again.

  • Thorough Training - Every Sjouwfeur at our moving company in Dordrecht has undergone intensive training, with a focus that extends beyond just technical skills; we aim to create a positive, stress-free experience for every customer.
  • Cutting-edge Technologies - We are committed to innovation at our moving company in Dordrecht, applying the latest technologies in the moving industry and constantly seeking modern advancements to enhance our services.
  • Recognized Assurance - Your valuable belongings are in safe hands thanks to our professional approach.

With pride, we carry the NIWO certificate and are insured by TVM Verzekeringen. Symbols of our dedication to quality, reliability, and your peace of mind, ensuring you a professional and worry-free moving service.

What our customers say

Service-oriented, solution-oriented, social, civilized, accurate, friendly. Colleagues work well together.

Perfect. Everything neatly arranged and good communicative guys who do their work very well.



Good Dutch-speaking staff. Very polite and friendly. They are very careful with your belongings.

The moving service in Dordrecht

Moving with joy! De Meubeltaxi makes moving in Dordrecht fun and easy.

A hassle-free moving day? That's what you get with De Meubeltaxi as your moving company in Dordrecht! We are known for our seamless coordination and enjoyable customer experience, all thanks to our expert and service-oriented approach.

Senior Moves - De Meubeltaxi cherishes a special approach for seniors, focusing on peace and convenience. With empathy and respect, we ensure that your transition to a new living environment is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Emergency moves - Facing a sudden need to move? Panic is unnecessary! De Meubeltaxi as a moving service in Dordrecht is your lifesaver for all emergency moves. We are available immediately to respond accurately and efficiently, even when time is of the essence.

Moving assistance - Need extra support during the hustle of moving day? The Sjouwfeurs of our moving service in Dordrecht are your lifeline. Whether it's lifting heavy loads or carefully packing your valuable items, we're here to remove all obstacles.

House clearances- Confronted with the daunting task of a complete house clearance? Leave the worries to us as a moving service in Dordrecht. We approach this heavy task with full dedication and respect while keeping your personal needs in mind.

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Why move in Dordrecht with moving company De Meubeltaxi?

  • Sjouwfeurs® - It starts with a good attitude, and skill quickly follows. And when it comes to skill, our Sjouwfeurs® have plenty, with an average moving experience of 4 years.
  • NIWO - De Meubeltaxi meets all conditions to move professionally, including the strict requirements of the NIWO. These are reassessed every 5 years.
  • 15 years of moving service - Moving Service with a capital 'S', because we believe in providing excellent service. If you do something, do it well. With 15 years of experience, De Meubeltaxi is a professional moving company in Dordrecht.

Move to Dordrecht with a piano

Piano verhuizen in Dordrecht

Moving your cherished piano within Dordrecht requires a special approach, and our moving company in Dordrecht is your ideal partner in this process. We understand the emotional attachment you have to your instrument and are fully committed to ensuring its move is seamless and worry-free. Read more about moving pianos..

Ultimate precision - We approach every piano move with the precision and attention it deserves, understanding that each instrument has its own unique care needs.

Specialized tools - Our Sjouwfeurs at De Meubeltaxi as a moving company in Dordrecht are not only experienced with 10,000 transported pianos, but also equipped with specific tools, which are essential to safely transport your piano through the challenging spaces and stairs that characterize Dordrecht.

Reliability and peace of mind - Trust our moving company in Dordrecht for a worry-free experience, knowing that your precious piano is in expert hands and will arrive at its new destination without a scratch. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Our Sjouwfeurs® make it happen!

Want to be moved by these uncommon movers?

Furniture moving Dordrecht

Furniture Moving in Dordrecht

Discover the charm of South Holland with your valuable furniture, accompanied by De Meubeltaxi as a moving company in Dordrecht. Each piece of furniture, whether it's an antique heirloom or that cozy couch full of memories, is cherished by us. Our Sjouwfeurs are dedicated to safely and effortlessly moving your belongings to Dordrecht. .

Moving bed - Moving in Dordrecht with your beloved bed? Leave it to De Meubeltaxi. We ensure that your bed is transported with care and attention, ready to rest in your new home in Dordrecht.

Moving cabinet - Moving a wardrobe to Dordrecht becomes a worry-free experience with De Meubeltaxi. Our Sjouwfeurs handle your wardrobe with professionalism and ensure a safe journey to your new address in Dordrecht.

Sofa Moving - Moving your familiar sofa within Dordrecht? De Meubeltaxi is ready to take on this important task. We provide safe and respectful handling of your sofa, so it arrives undamaged at your new home in Dordrecht.

Moving washing machine - Need to move your washing machine to Dordrecht? Count on De Meubeltaxi as a moving service in Dordrecht for a seamless move. We ensure that your washing machine arrives in Dordrecht without any problems, ready for a fresh start in this beautiful city.

Large furniture and tricky items moving in Dordrecht

In Dordrecht, De Meubeltaxi often faces the challenge of moving large furniture and unwieldy items. Our moving company in Dordrecht specializes in handling these challenges, using professional moving materials and techniques.

Whether it's a bulky wardrobe, a delicate artwork, or a heavy fitness equipment, we provide the necessary equipment and expertise. With carefull planning and the right tools, such as moving lifts and custom supports, we ensure a safe and efficient relocation of your most challenging items.

Moving equipment

Electric stair climber - Forget the struggle on the stairs! Our electric stair climber makes moving even the heaviest objects easy. The stairs in Dordrecht need to have sufficient space. We, as a moving company in Dordrecht, guarantee a safe transition of your valuable items, stress-free and hassle-free.

Moving elevator - Discover the convenience of our efficient moving lift! Why squeeze through narrow stairways when the way through the window is clear? No piece of furniture is too big or too heavy for De Meubeltaxi as a moving company in Dordrecht. We effortlessly bring everything upstairs, quickly and safely. Make your move lighter with De Meubeltaxi!

Lifting crane - No location is too complicated for our crane! Do you need to move large items that are difficult to handle? Leave it to us! Our crane lifts everything and places it exactly where you want it. Even the most complex moves become simple with our moving company in Dordrecht by your side!

FAQ for moving to or within Dordrecht with Meubeltaxi

Does Meubeltaxi offer assistance with packing and disassembling furniture for my move to Dordrecht?

Yes, we offer optional packing and disassembly services to assist you in preparing your belongings for the move to Dordrecht. Our experienced team members can help you safely pack and disassemble items, so you don't have to worry about the details.

Can Meubeltaxi help with moving special or fragile items to Dordrecht?

Yes, we have experience with moving special and fragile items. Whether it's artworks, antiques, or pianos, we have the expertise and necessary equipment to safely transport these valuable items.

How can I efficiently prepare my belongings prior to my move? Hoe kan ik voorafgaand aan mijn verhuizing mijn spullen efficiënt voorbereiden?/trp_language]

To prepare for your move to Dordrecht, we recommend creating a checklist and organizing your belongings. If you need assistance with packing, furniture disassembly, or special packing materials, we're ready to assist you.

Where is De Meubeltaxi moving?

Are you looking for a moving company in Dordrecht? Our moving service operates in the Drechtsteden region, including Zwijndrecht, Papendrecht, Sliedrecht, and Barendrecht. Whether you're moving to or from Dordrecht, our moving company is available throughout the Netherlands and even across the border into Belgium, France, and Germany.


since 2008

Wat started as a student company has grown into the highest-rated moving company in the Netherlands.

Moving company

De Meubeltaxi 2023

Our movers are fully equipped with all the necessary moving materials to professionally execute your move. Wanting to assist the customer well has always been our starting point! When we started keeping track of customer reviews in 2013, we were proud of the 9.3 rating we received. Maintaining this average to this day confirms that we have firmly embedded craftsmanship and core values in the moving company. When you move, you can always rely on De Meubeltaxi!