We make moving® lot more fun.

Our Movers are men who can carry. They know how to move something safely from A to B. Movers who know exactly what they are doing. They are good at their job and make customers happy every day. That's why you always see our Movers walking around with a big smile.

With Movers from De Meubeltaxi you will look forward to moving.

Verhuizen met Frans
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Why move wiuth De Meubeltaxi?

Our mission is 'Moving with pleasure'. We want you to have a pleasant move. And we want our employees to have a nice day. That goes hand in hand and one reinforces the other. Our knowledge and 15 years of experience help enormously in achieving our mission. The main reason for moving with De Meubeltaxi is our Sjouwfeurs®; our great pride and perhaps the best movers in the Netherlands.

  • Sjouwfeurs® Movers with a positive attitude, well mannered, up for a chat, smart and skilled, hard workers, sociable, capable, fit and strong. They are well attuned to each other and that makes moving fun.
  • Family business – De Meubeltaxi is a small moving company owned by Maarten and Mattijs Kat. Started as a student company and evolved into a mature professional moving service.
  • Reviews – Our customers are happy with us and make us very proud by writing a positive review. Last year we scored an average of 9.4 and overall we achieved a 9.3 rating from more than 6,000 reviews.

What our customers say

Op 28 maart 2023 stond mijn verhuizing gepland. Ik zag er tegenop als een berg en maakte mij zorgen over de hele gang van zaken. De manier waarop ik werd begroet door de mensen van DeMeubeltaxi die bij mij binnen stapten stelde mij meteen op mijn gemak...

Rachel W


The guys could not have been more friendly, helpful or hard working. I recommend them to anyone and I’m not the easiest to please. One guy even installed my washing machine as I was clueless. Such a great service at a reasonable price.

Kind, cheerful, meticulous, helpful, hardworking, reliable, relaxed, and then also a pleasant price/quality ratio. No unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Are you ready for a great move?

We are!

Don´t these guys make you feel like moving?

Which moving service suits you?

Budget move

A solution for every budget.

Move the small things yourself and leave the hard work to us. There will be 2 movers for the white goods and the furniture. Read more about budget moving.

Budget Verhuizen
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Medium move

Alone you can do so little; together we can do so much!

You prepare the move by packing the boxes and take care of the assembly. 2 to 4 Sjouwfeurs® will come to move your entire household contents to your new home. Read more about medium move.

Premium moving

Save time for other things.

Continue living in your current home until the final day. 4 to 8 Sjouwfeurs® will come to move your furniture and take care of the assembly. If you wish you can then unpack the boxes yourself. Read more about premium moving.

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Bedrijfsverhuizing Rotterdam

Corporate relocation

Back in business as quickly as possible.

From a few to 100 workplaces. When moving, it is important that your operation is disrupted as little as possible. De Meubeltaxi takes care of that. Read more about corporate relocation.

Where is De Meubeltaxi moving?

Our moving company operates in the Randstad, the big city agglomeration, and we carry out several removals here every day. You may want to move further than the Randstad and that is possible, as long as 1 of the addresses is within our working area.

Naturally our moving availability also applies to all smaller intermediate locations. And if you have something to transport to or from a place outside our working area, this is possible without call-out charges. If you live outside our service area and would like to employ us, this is possible on request. We may charge a call-out fee for this, but we will discuss this in advance.

Moving service

Since 2008

What started as a student company has grown into the best-rated moving company in the Netherlands.

Moving company

De Meubeltaxi 2023

Our movers are fully equipped with all the necessary moving materials to professionally execute your move. Wanting to assist the customer well has always been our starting point! When we started keeping track of customer reviews in 2013, we were proud of the 9.3 rating we received. Maintaining this average to this day confirms that we have firmly embedded craftsmanship and core values in the moving company. When you move, you can always rely on De Meubeltaxi!